Player Profile


Full Name Drew Mitchell
Born March 19th 1956
Nickname Westy seems to know them all!!
Batting Style Right-handed Opener
Bowling Style Right-arm S----
Height 5' 11" (Getting Smaller)
Occupation Self Employed
Wanderers' Stats Drew Mitchell
Length of  Career Dragged out of bar at McKane some time in 1984 to help out a Dunfermline 2's game. Annoyed me so much tried to get better - still trying!!
Previous Clubs Dunfermline, Carnegie 2, Dunfermline then the Mighty Wanderers.
Most Memorable Moment(s) First 50 at Inch Park. Opening for Fife and hitting a 4 over the heads of the slips - shouldn't have laughed, went home black and blue (don't think the bowler liked me). Needing a draw to stay up after Glenrothes scored 280 - 57 not out after 57 overs - we stayed up. There are a few more but I'm sure you've heard them at least once.
Most Forgettable Moment(s) Chasing a ball to the boundary in Aberdeen playing for Fifeshire in front of a large crowd when my trousers fell down and so did I. Going for a high catch Australian style, opening my hands to see where the ball was, smack!! Teeth through lip. Loads of others just ask anyone that's been in the same game as me.
Best Player Played Alongside Colin Campbell, Ashok Malhotra
Best Player Played Against  
Cricketing Idol(s) Sir Geoff Boycott, Ian Botham
Cricketing Ambition(s) Score 100
Favourite Ground ? lots on a nice sunny day.
Cricketing Pet Hates People that get wound up and go on about the weather (we play in Scotland).
Funniest Moment(s) in Cricket  
If you could to watch one current player bat or bowl who would it be?  
Favourite Food Curried chips..oh and Anne's chilli.
Favourite Drink Tenant's Lager, Guiness, G&T (almost anything with alcohol in it).
Favourite Film High Society, James Bond (any 1).
Favourite Music