Player Profile


Full Name Kevin Charles Walker
Born Oct. 8th 1952, Chatham, Kent

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  "Sovs'", "The Cat", "The Prez"

Batting Style Right-hand bat & wicket keeper
Bowling Style Right-arm 'very, very slow'
Height 5' 11"
Occupation Retired from police, back in Force as Recruitment Administrator
Wanderers' Stats Kevin Walker
Length of  Career Really only started in 1985, in Scotland.
Previous Clubs Dunfermline, Dunfermline Carnegie, Dunfermline again & Scottish Police.
Most Memorable Moment(s) As far as batting is concerned, had a nice knock & partnership with Stormin' against Edinburgh Beige a couple of seasons ago. Batting with my son, Brent, when he scored his maiden fifty at senior level, also in the team when he notched his maiden century. Sharing a match-winning partnership with Ashok on tour with Dunfermline against Skelmsdale CC, we looked down & out as I strode out as last man, but held out as Ashok did the business

For wicket-keeping, picking up five 'victims' 3 catches, 2 stumpings, in Fife Cup final when playing for Dunfermline at Falkland, which helped in winning the cup. Hopefully, reaching career total of 500 victims behind stumps, to date standing at 487.
Most Forgettable Moment(s) A few ducks to mention. I also remember kicking the ball onto my stumps whilst trying to prevent the ball rolling onto them in a Midweek League fixture at Kinross.
Best Player Played Alongside Ashok Malhotra, India & Dunfermline, master craftsman.
Best Player Played Against Robin Howe, Grampian Police, scored 200 plus at McKane in Scottish Police League fixture, didn't make a single mistake. Wayne Sullivan was a dab hand, despite being an Ozzie.
Cricketing Idol(s) Geoff Boycott, Alan Knott, Alex Stewart.
Cricketing Ambition(s) To score a fifty, time running out though!!!!!
Favourite Ground Riverside, Chester-le-Street, home of Durham CC.
Cricketing Pet Hates Cheats & non-walkers, it is obvious to a batsmen when one is nicked behind, even the faintest nick, especially at our level. Likewise those who call-off at last minute citing a range of poor reasons........ I have played sport with minor injuries and in poor conditions, you're a long time retired is my motto.
Funniest Moment(s) in Cricket Both involve a 'tour' to Penrith with Fife Police Cricket team, playing at Appleby in rather damp conditions against Cumbria Police, the look on the face of the groundsman when Skip chose the heavy roller for the pitch during tea interval..... Also when Brian Wright both split his trousers from 'cheek to cheek', so to speak, and whilst diving for a catch, missed the ball but successfully slid face down through a muddy patch. On getting to his feet he was 'Al Jolson' personified.
If you could to watch one current player bat or bowl who would it be? Seen quite a few already in my many sojourns, home & away to watch Test Cricket & ODI's, but would like to see Ricky Ponting or Kevin Pietersen in action.
Favourite Food Seafood, especially from the stalls, whelks, cockles & mussels, very partial to Indian & Chinese, but you cannot beat a good Sunday Roast.
Favourite Drink Really partial to a nice malt whisky, but overall will sup anything!
Favourite Film Zulu, High Noon, Last Orders (not many will have seen it, based in Kent with Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren), anything with John Wayne and watching black & white movies on TCM.
Favourite Music Fairly mixed, Chas n' Dave, Isaac Hayes, Rod Stewart, black soul music including Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, not to mention Rasta man Bob Marley & finally Royal Marine Bands.